Our goal is to get 10,000 signatures! That equals nearly 5% of the voter turnout in the last election, and the same number needed to get an Inpendent on the Mayoral Ballot. We need as much help as possible to do this!

It's actually very easy! Get a clipboard, attach a pen to it, add a few petitions, voter registration forms, and your good to go! Just be kind and follow these rules:

RULE #1: ALL SIGNERS MUST BE REGISTERED VOTERS IN PHILADELPHIA! The most important rule of all! Everyone who signs MUST be registered to vote in the City of Philadelphia! So here's a few helpful ideas on making sure this happens:

  • Ask to see their ID before they sign and make sure they're for Philadelphia
  • If they're not registered to vote, register them on the spot! Forms are available at City Hall in Room 333

RULE #2: DO NOT HASSLE PEOPLE TO SIGN! Do not try and force people to sign your petition. In the past, people have done this and people tend not to like it! So please, be POLITE and PLEASENT when asking for signatures. If someone says no, try to change their mind, but be nice.

RULE #3: HAVE FUN! It can be tough out there and it may not be easy, but have fun! Your out there trying to do something revolutionary!


Hold onto them for now and we'll tell you soon!